Competence Capital is an admired multifocal lifestyle brand, trusted partner, and provider of education and youth empowerment.

Competence Clothing is our lifestyle clothing brand that focuses on inspiring today’s adolescents and youth to believe in their own self efficacy. 

Competence Coaching is our educational platform that teaches today’s adolescent and youth the importance of personal development and building and managing personal finances. We will offer various courses and membership options that will ensure substantial growth and great success.



Aaron Travis is a 19 year old; dancer, influencer/mentor, and entrepreneur. Growing up he was always a positive role model to his peers and always striving for more in life. Being from Joliet, Illinois, there weren't many reasons for today's youth to believe in themselves. Aaron believes many kids today lack the proper guidance and inspiration to experience all that life has to offer. So he took it upon himself to create Competence Capital, where he will bring his dream of leading today's youth towards a better quality of life to reality.